A Passion for Life
A Passion for Life

A Passion for Life is an initiative of the "gospel partnerships" - networks of Evangelical churches co-operating in gospel ministry across the UK.

We want to reach ordinary people where they live, work and socialise. We want to encourage sustainable relationships for the un-churched with local churches where biblical faith can be nurtured. We therefore need a whole variety of locally shaped missions rather than one centrally organised campaign.
A Passion for Life aims to stimulate and resource regional partnerships of churches to organise local initiatives that reflect local culture and opportunities. These initiatives will therefore vary enormously in scale and character.

A Passion for Life is all about God the Father - furthering his purpose of redeeming a great multi-cultural people for life in his Son, by stirring up local churches across the land to work together in numerous mission initiatives that climax in March 2010 for his glory alone.

A Passion for Life is all about God the Son - his marvellous death and resurrection for sinners that can be celebrated at Easter by people of all ages and backgrounds.

A Passion for Life is all about God the Holy Spirit - who, through his Holy Word, is calling us to prayer and transforming the way we think about our churches, evangelism and the world around us.

The document and related information is available on-line here.


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