A Passion for Life
A Passion for Life

I am thrilled by the opportunities presented by A Passion for Life. We will be fully behind it.

Paul Perkin

Whatever our local situation, this mission will give many of us just the momentum and focus we need to engage our local areas even more with the living gospel. 

Rupert Higgins

I warmly endorse A Passion for life - it will be a great joy to see Evangelical churches working together to present Christ to the nation.

David Burrowes MP

I think this idea is superb. It is obedient in its focus on the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, and shrewd in its stress on relationships between people.

Mike Ovey

his is the kind of gospel initiative our nation desperately needs.

Hugh Palmer

From the moment I heard of it I had a strong sense that A Passion for Life was from the Lord. All I have learned about it since then has increased my excitement at this opportunity for concerted gospel outreach.

Julian Hardyman

Our nation desperately needs Christ, and local gospel churches working together to make him known is always part of God's strategy, so I

warmly endorse 'A Passion for Life'

David Jackman


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